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What are the amenities to expect in family holiday parks?


Family holiday park in the UK is a great way to keep children entertained while on your next family holidays. Here we look at the top 5 activities to look for when booking a family holiday park. Although each holiday park will have different amenities, nearly all parks have the activities listed here.

1) Entertainment venue – This is where the action is! You will find children’s activities throughout the day, and a more adult theme at night, with a bar, singers and cabaret. There’ll be enough to keep you going all day and night.

2) Playground – For youngsters, to keep themselves entertained adventure playgrounds are a must. Fortunately, nearly all family holiday camps have an adventure playground.

3) Swimming pools – care for a swim? Well you’re sure to get a swimming pool at your holiday park. Some parks will have an outdoor pool, while some have an indoor one. If you’re lucky, your chosen holiday camp will have both. Look for water flumes too; the modern flumes provided by your holiday camp have to be seen, to believe. You may also get a “splash area” near your pool, with fountains, waterfalls, and buckets to empty for any unsuspecting swimmer.

4) Amusement arcade – The obligatory amusement arcade is a stable of modern holidays. Featuring the latest in video games and slot machines, you’ll also get games like pool and air hockey. This is indeed the place to go when it rains.

5) Location of park – Most holiday camps are situated by the coast, which is great for summer holidays. If a sandy beach is what excites you, check where your chosen holiday camp is located – and a sandy beach nearby!

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