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Two Tips to Safely Visit Family Holiday Parks in Perranporth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The government of the UK allowed holiday homes, campsites, and caravan parks to reopen since the fourth of July this year as long as they adhere to certain safety regulations.

With rules to comply with and guidance to follow, it is imperative for both the visitors and operators of family holiday parks in Perranporth (as well as other places in the country for that matter) to be able to properly understand the significance of prevailing safety measures as stipulated by the government and how they could prove to be instrumental in the coming days in controlling the spread of the ongoing 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak.

Here is a curated list of some of the most vital tips that you are likely to find useful enough in helping yourself to safely return to the caravan sites Perranporth in the post-lockdown period.


Even before you are to start making plans for your forthcoming family holidays Perranporth in any of the family holiday parks in Perranporth, check if the particular caravan park is open or not. You can find out this little piece of information simply by visiting the park website or calling them during the business hours.

Several of the family holiday parks in the country are participating in the Good to Go initiative launched by Visit England, which is essentially a voluntary certification programme to confirm that they are complying with the latest government directives, have performed a risk evaluation, and are putting new procedures in place for making sure that their patrons remain safe.

You can enquire whether or not the caravan park is certified either from their website or over the phone.


You should support and conform to all the procedures, rules, as well as guidelines as laid down by the Sunny Meadows Tourist Park and other caravan sites in Perranporth upon your arrival to ensure that you and other people visiting the place are safe. It could mean wearing the recommended personal protection equipment, checking whether or not the facilities are open, and practicing the social distancing advisory.

Supporting your family holiday park would go a long way in ensuring a memorable experience and a quality service to you as well as your fellow visitors. Do not be surprised if you come across bespoke barriers and other unique measures for social distancing inside the caravan site.


Going to any of the family holiday parks in Perranporth, such as the Sunny Meadows Tourist Park, is an excellent opportunity for supporting the small local business, which might have been affected pretty badly because of the COVID-19 closure.

You could do it simply by utilising the local services wherever and whenever possible along with purchasing from the neighborhood stores only. This has been no doubt an incredibly tough time for the local trade community and hence, you could be of great help by supporting them throughout. 

Why not consider exploring a takeaway menu from a small eatery or pick up souvenirs from the roadside shops?! You could always consult the park office and ask for a few local referrals.