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family holiday parks, a leisure outing experience


Zeroing down on an ideal holiday destination with the entire family can at times become quite challenging simply because every member might have different interests.  A perfect resolution to this is considering family holiday parks. This offers some excellent opportunities for all family members to bond as a unit and spend some quality time with each other.


Most family holiday parks have beautiful parking lots where you can park a rented caravan or motor home. Families should consider driving to the park instead of booking flights or boarding a cruise ship. This is because; road trips are always perfect ways to get closer to one another  


The best family holiday parks have a wide range of attractions, tailored for every age group. Some parks host games where families compete amongst themselves. Parks can also provide amazing backdrops not only for visual treat, but also to capture those special moments in your family portraits.

Some parks even have cultural centres, carnivals and museums where children and adults alike can have fun while learning something new. Not just this – you can also shop for apparel, visit amusement parts that can engage children for hours through various activities, and also walk down vineyards and breweries for adults.


One of the best things about spending your vacation in a family holiday park is the opportunity to go camping on a perfect campsite. Nothing brings a family closer to nature and each other than setting up a tent in a breath-taking lakeside, go fishing, and having dinner by the campfire. Teach your children valuable lessons about life and nature by letting them experience a night without gadgets.

For the more adventurous ones, trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing can be brilliant ways to experience the adrenaline rush. Some water parks even offer sports activities from kayaking to white water rafting. Little children can enjoy kite flying and art and craft lessons to encourage them to be more creative.

If you are in Perranporth and looking for family holiday parks and caravan sites, consider Sunny Meadow Tourist Park. To know what are the latest attractions, call us before you book with us.