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Sunny Meadows Tourist Park : Be Ready for a memorable family holiday experience at our family caravan sites Perranporth!

Sunny Meadows Tourist Park is one of the most popular and well-established family caravan sites Perranporth that is located just 2 miles away from the town. The establishment is spread across a huge space of land with captivating scenic beauty, offering 65 hook-up pitches over 5 acres of land and 10 acres of fields to enjoy the sight and spend quality time with your family.

We are one of the most popular family caravan sites Perranporth established several years ago. We strive to carry forward the tradition of excellence and provide top-notch facilities and satisfying hospitality services to every family that visits our property. We are situated just 2 miles away from Perranporth and 6 miles from Newquay on the coast road. Our establishment is extremely easily accessible as you can reach at our family caravan site with a small as well as a considerably large family.

Our establishment offers a great abode in the laps of nature amidst the beautiful countryside of Perranporth. Perranporth is a very popular family holiday destination, Campsite and a go-to place for swimmers and surfers. The tiny stretch of golden beach and the aesthetic charm of the green countryside is a perfect blend of comfort and adventure with great opportunities of exciting activities for people of all ages. Specialising in family holidays in Perranporth, we know what exactly you need and what you are looking for when you are on a family holiday. This is why we constantly endeavour to deliver the most ideal and tailored services that match the requirements of various families visiting our family caravan site in Perranporth. From the perfect entertainment activities to luxurious accommodations and specialised facilities that make for a really comfortable holiday, we have it all for you. If you have pets and children with you, you have nothing to worry if you are visiting the Sunny Meadows Tourist Park. We are a dog-friendly caravan park Perranporth and we also have special tracks where you can enjoy the fresh beauty of nature as well as take your dogs for a walk.

We have specialised facilities that will match all the preferences your family members might have while they are on a family trip. From a pool table to enjoy some fun time to modern amenities like TV and washing machines for convenience, we offer it all. And above all, our hospitality services are unmatched in the entire area and you are very less likely to find a better family caravan site in Perranporth. Be it a large family or a family of four, we can offer you the perfect packages suitable for all your needs.

All you need to do is just plan your holiday and get your bags ready, and we will take care of the rest. Just give us a call and leave a message for us and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.  Our dedicated support team will assist you with all further details and take your booking if needed. They will also guide you if you have any doubts about reaching our location. Contact us now for any information that you need!

Sunny Meadows Tourist Park is a perfect destination for a great family holiday experience and is dedicated to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are one of the most popular family caravan sites Perranporth and also a dog-friendly caravan park Perranporth, if you have your pet with you on your holiday! Talk to us today and get the most affordable family holiday packages in Perranporth!

Why choose us?

Among several family caravan sites Perranporth, SunnyMeadows Tourist Park stands out as one of the best options to make your trip an enjoyable one. We offer the most preferable blend of comfort, luxury, modern amenities and affordability when it comes to our special family holiday packages in Perranporth.

Our moderately priced family holiday packages in Perranporth have made us one of the most popular family caravan sites Perranporth for the numerous families visiting the town for a memorable holiday. Our visitors come from the local areas of Perranporth and Cornwall along with several other parts of the UK and all across the Europe. It is our privilege to be one of the top choices for family holidays and we strive to provide a unique and completely satisfying experience to each and every family that chooses us.

Here are the key takeaways of choosing our establishment for your family holiday in Perranporth.

  • 65 hook-up pitches spread over 5 acres of land space.
  • 10 acres of land that offers stunning natural beauty and a peaceful environment where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature with your family.
  • One of the most popular dog-friendly parks, Caravan Park Perranporth, offering a huge space and dedicated tracks to walk your dogs.
  • Highly comfortable and modern toilet blocks and shower sections for complete convenience
  • Specialised shower areas and toilet blocks for disabled people
  • A specialised laundry with all important amenities like washing machines & tumble dryers along with a separate washing up area.
  • Special children’s play area and family room, with modern amenities like a TV and pool table.
  • Budget-friendly packages for family holidays Perranporth


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